Originally created in 2006, RSBot has turned into a major website for users to gain access to scripts to help them level up and earn money in Runescape. RSBot is an open source bot, made with JAVA, the same scripting that Runescape had been made with. RSBot comes with a few free, working scripts that allows players to gain levels in such skills as Firemaking, Thieving, Combat and Fishing. As the years went on RSBot's membership rate has dramatically increased making it a popular free forum site and a free bot.

In mid-summer of 2010, Jagex shut down RSBot with a copyright claim. They stated that the "RS" in "RSBot" is a trade-mark of Runescape (RS) and legally cannot be used. RSBot owners simply transfered domain names to what is now known as Their bot however remains, to this day, to be called RSBot.

The Bot itself can be downloaded Here.

Current revision 5010

4100 beta framework released in the [Developer] section of the forums.

Working handlers:

-Freaky Forester

-Grave digger

-Spin ticket

-Sandwich lady

-Exam school

-Pop Quiz

-Indentify and object


-Evil bob's island


-Bankpin (interface reaction time is slow)

-Widget closer

-Refreshing client (6 hour interval)

-Garbage collector (automatically allocates RAM to the process, collects excess or useless memory and dumps it)